Staged properties sell on average of 40% quicker than houses that are unstaged and on average for a price 5% above unstaged properties.   


Staging is in essence, the merchandising of a property. It is an important aspect of marketing your property in today's real estate arena. Nearly 100% ofbuyers begin their search online and internet buyers have become increasingly visually oriented and design savvy.  A fixer upper will be discounted in every market, even a seller's market like we have in Denver right now.  If you want the highest price for your house (often your biggest investment)  to incorporate staging, repair and organization as a priority before listing your property quite literally pays off.

Staging is a design balance of creating both familiarity and intrigue allowing buyers to visualize themselves living their lives in a property. It highlights the features of the property and minimizes any shortcomings, allowing the lifestyle the house will allow to become the focus of online shopping rather than the homeowner's personal style or furnishings. Professional staging has the ability to create immediate interest with curb appeal and be competitive once the potential buyer walks through the door. The goal is to add value to your investment - earning more out of a price than you spend putting your investment on the market.

Real estate buying and selling has changed a bit in the last decade with the prevelance of online shopping and competitive markets around the country. Denver is definitely a seller's market now, however sellers still want the highest price possible for their investment and buyers still want a way to make the houses available work for their unique needs and desires. Alden Finch is available to stage as well as assist buyers in discovering design potential in what the market has to offer.

Staging includes neutralizing a property's appearance from an owners personal style, essentially designing the space for the target buying market. Staging includes furniture arrangement, balance of color and accessories, symmetry and functionality. These are all elements buyers look for, often without even being aware that they are taking in this information. However, without these elements functioning together in a house the buyer will definitely be aware of this. 

Staging allows a buyer to pull up outside of a property and be influenced by curb appeal From the moment a potential buyer gets their first look at a property whether online from photos or pulling up outside they are immediately taking mental notes as to whether the property has more potential for them and whether it will work for their lifestyle. Having this service provided by someone who understands the elements fitting together increases potential purchase. Most sellers are still very attached to their property when they put it on the market - and understandably. It is their home, full of cherished memories and lots of hard work. However, helping a seller to shift their paradigm from home to investment (for which they want the highest possible price ) allows them to take their home to house, while they search for their next home.

Alden Finch is able to assist the seller and/or agent in making the selling process more smooth. We understand the emotional aspects and while we offer staging services on the selling side, we are also happy to provide styling and design services once a seller finds their new property to be turned into home!